Saturday, February 5, 2011

Very cool maze of a stop sign by Yonatan Frimer, Maze Artist of the Book Learn To A Maze

S is for Stop Sign Mazeyonatan frimer stop sign maze
Click for Maze Solution of Stop Sign Maze
Maze of a Stop Sign to go right next to the maze of the letter S for the kids book, "Learn To A Maze" Which uses mazes to teach kids the alphabet, basica reading, and how to count. The maze begins in the upper left corner and ends in the lower right corner. Try to solve the maze in as little time as possible, and by starting at the begining and going all the way to the end of the maze. By Yonatan Frimer.

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S was one of the hardest letters to come up with a subject to draw, both from the fact that there are so much things that start with that letter, and also with the challenge of making it something that is important for children, who will use this maze as part of the Learn To A Maze book which teaches the kids to read and count by following a path thru a series of mazes. Hope this is one maze you remember and like.


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