Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Falling Square Optical Illusion by Yonatan Frimer

The Falling Square Maze
The square is not just a steady and fast object that wants to stay in place. Take the example of a man hole cover. They are round for the single reason that they CANNOT fall in. A square used for the same purpose could be accidentally place diagonally to cover the opening and it would tumble downwards. That is basically what is being portrayed in this optical illusion maze of a falling square. Imagine long tube composed of an extruded square against a square falling down that tube, throw in an optical illusion pattern in which the pattern is depicted by an alternating polarity and a pinch of X shaped cross hairs and you have you basic falling square optical illusion maze. The entrance to the maze as is the exit, are both marked with arrow and are located in the corners of the maze.

Can't solve this maze? The maze solution to the optical illusion falling square maze and the next maze, the maze of hearts page has what ya need.

Maze solution for the maze of diamonds optical illusion maze:

Maze of diamonds solution