Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cartoonist 4 Hire - Editorial maze cartoonist, Yonatan Frimer, portfolio and resume

Open letter to anyone who works at a newspaper:

Please forward this to the Editor-in-Chief or HR department at your newspaper.

I'm an editorial cartoonist and am interested in submitting my portfolio and resume for review by your newspaper.

Please have a look at my editorial cartoons and let me know if there are any freelance, part-time, or full-time positions at your paper that would make good use of my talents.

My portfolio and resume can be viewed at:

If you'd like me to submit my works in any other format, please let me know.



Yonatan Frimer
Phone: +972-545-683-040

maze cartoon of road to peace or war motorcyclemaze cartoon of sr-71 blackbird spyplane

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Pitt Meadows corn maze proves ear-resistible

Latest Pitt Meadows puzzle features theme celebrating 100 years of the PNE

PNE-themed corn maze at the Pitt Meadows property owned by the Hopcotts.After 11 years, the Hopcott family has the art of corn-maze making down to a science. The process is so precise, in fact, that it now only takes eight hours to groom their 17-acre plot in Pitt Meadows into a modern-day labyrinth of stalks and leaves, attracting adventure-seekers from all over the Lower Mainland.

Just don't expect maze manager Brad Hopcott to know how many stalks that equals.

"Too many to count," says Hopcott on a sweltering day this week.

To get things just perfect, the Hopcotts enlist the services of an American who specializes in carving out these giant puzzles based on client sketches, using GPS, a roto tiller and a tractor.

The result is two different mazes every year, with average solution times ranging from an hour to two hours per maze.

Note the word "average."

Hopcott's brother, Travis, remembers a woman who must have set the unofficial slowest time ever to complete the challenge.

"It took her over four hours."

In addition to the mazes, wee ones can cozy up to the petting zoo while for those young at heart wanting to throw an office gig at the maze, there are "cornporate" rooms that come with barbecue pits.

Personally, I want to take on the maze at night, armed with glowsticks and flashlights, which is totally an option, too. The glowsticks aside, that's not corny at all.

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